Prague: Restoration

These photographs are from my continuing work documenting Prague’s restoration after decades of Communist rule. I lived there for several months in the Fall of 1994, five years after the “Velvet Revolution” that led the Communists to relinquish power—a time of optimism and uncertainty.

Twenty years later, I returned to a city that was both familiar and barely recognizable. Signs of restoration and reclamation can be seen across the city, an architectural attempt to shake off the past. The juxtaposition of Communist-era structures alongside Gothic, Baroque and modern architecture continues to give Prague a unique flavor, one that reflects the dark humor of its residents and fuels my ongoing fascination.


The Fire of Fires

These photos were taken during the building of “The Fire of Fires”, an ornate temple built in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for the 2009 Burning Man festival. This piece was built by Community Art Makers, an arts collective based in Austin, Texas. I lived in the desert with the crew for 28 days, helping to build and document the project.

Burning Flipside

These photos were taken at the Burning Flipside festival between 2004 and 2014. This annual gathering of free-spirits and free-thinkers is influenced in part by the Burning Man Project and takes place in Central Texas.


Resolution Clock

Resolution Clock was a 34-foot tall wooden clock built in Austin’s Auditorium Shores park for the city’s 2008 New Year’s Eve / First Night celebration. Located just across the river from downtown, the fully functional clock provided park visitors with the opportunity to write down their thoughts and resolutions for the new year. A crowd of over 80,000 cheered and watched in amazement as Resolution Clock was set ablaze.